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Puppy Teething Toy Pack of 3

Puppy Teething Toy Pack of 3

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Safe: -

Dog chew toys Made of rubber, it is safe to chew on and won't damage the puppy's teeth. They enjoy using the puppy because it causes no gum ache.

Easy to clean: -

Puppy teething chew toys are simple to clean with water.

Nice to have: -

Puppy toys can be used to play with your dog, spark their interest, enhance their interest, foster their intelligence, show them more love, and help them become smarter.

Reduces destructive chewing: -

 Distract your dog with a suitable, crunchy chew toy that they won't be able to resist from your personal items!

Teeth cleaning: -

The spikey texture is intended to gently polish puppy teeth while chewing. Additionally, the rubber ring is tough and simple to clean, making it ideal for interactive fetch, toss, and tug of war games. This interactive toy is a fun and useful addition to your dog's playtime routine, whether you use it for teething or training.

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