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U-Shaped Design Without Reflex Laughing

Our 360°Oral Teeth Cleaning entire mouth children's toothbrush has a distinctive u-shaped design. Our toothbrush is a pleasant way to promote good dental hygiene practises in children since, unlike traditional toothbrushes, it won't make them feel uncomfortable or trigger a gag reflex.

Greater Gum and Back Teeth Cleaning Efficiency

Our toddler toothbrush, which is designed for children ages 2 to 6, can successfully reach back teeth and gums thanks to its 360-degree thorough cleaning tip. Kids may make brushing their teeth fun by using our u-shaped toothbrush, which effectively cleans teeth.

Safe and gentle bristles that don't irritate the gums

Our odourless brush head is composed of soft, food-grade silicone for excellent cleaning that is also gentle on children's teeth and gums. With this u-shaped toothbrush, you can put an end to the everyday brushing battles.

Easy to grip with a little hand

Kids can easily grab the thumb grip handle, which offers comfort and control when brushing. Tooth stains can be erased with just a left and right swing. Every child enjoys and smiles when using kid-friendly toothbrushes.

Children brush on their own, leaving mothers worry-free

Even when teeth are being replaced, this children's toothbrush is safe for sensitive teeth. For kids, brushing is now a whole new experience thanks to the cutting-edge brush head, which also makes it more enjoyable. Strong children have strong teeth. It's time to encourage kids to wash their teeth on their own!



Material: Silicone + PP

Disinfection Method: Wash in warm water

Heat Resisting Temprature: 100 C

Applicable Age: 2-6 years old and 7-12 years old 

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