How to keep a dog from digging in flower beds

How to keep a dog from digging in flower beds

Dogs are man's best friend, but when they're not doing that, they dig up your cherished flower bed in the backyard while wearing a shifty expression. Fortunately for you, since this is a frequent issue, the internet is complete with advice that can assist you. In fact, we've compiled that contains easy solutions to keep your dog out of your garden.

  1. Focus on the actual issue

Larger breeds like huskies, particularly prone to digging, are advised by Snow dog Guru to troubleshoot. Your dog may be digging to escape the heat, look for bugs, or just out of boredom. Perhaps you won't need steps 2 through 10 if you observe your dog to determine the underlying reason for constant digging.

  1. Construct a lovely fence.

If you've been seeking a justification to erect a nice picket fence, here it is: A short picket fence around flower beds is advised by Better Homes & Gardens to serve as a visible and physical deterrent for dogs.

  1. bury balloons

This advice seems a little extreme, but the Louisiana SPCA recommended it: "Blow up some balloons and bury them in the area your dog likes to dig. Your dog gets startled when he strikes a balloon because of the sound of it exploding. The negative associations that this causes might sometimes be enough to discourage your dog from digging in the future.

  1. Build a moat.

It's ingenious and resourceful to create a temporary garden moat out of pinecone bedding. Still, it's also rather unpleasant for dogs' delicate feet.

  1. Create a pit.

Could it be that your dog is simply digging for the sake of digging? A dedicated backyard dig hole where your dog may dig to his heart's content is encouraged by the Dogs Luv Us, and We Luv Them blog for gardeners.

  1. Defile the area

According to Gardening Guides, dogs also dislike the scent of ammonia. Your lovely begonias will be surrounded by an invisible fence from ammonia poured onto coffee filters.

  1. Inspect backyard activities.

The anti-digging advice from this Redditor may be apparent. Still, it just makes sense: "I'd stop letting him go outdoors unattended. In this manner, you may use redirection to halt the digging, ideally before it starts.

  1. Establish a play area.

Due to boredom, dogs frequently dig. Make your pet's own play area to keep them from exploring your flower beds for entertainment. In your yard, create a shallow pit and fill it with toys and sand. Your flower gardens should not compare to the allure of this play pit.

  1. Use dog repellents for flower beds.

Dogs don't enjoy spicy or bitter scents, so combine some at home and sprinkle it on your flowerbeds to deter them. Red pepper and powdered mustard are mixed in equal proportions to make a simple spicy dog repellant. Dissolve bitter orange essential oil, used as a flavouring component, over old coffee grounds to make a bitter dog repellant. Additionally, coffee grounds assist in fertilizing your garden.

  1. Apply a bristly brush.

Dogs dislike being poked, which is to be expected. Toss all of your thorny trimmings, including those from barberries, hawthorns, and rose bushes, along the perimeter of your flower beds. Put the branches under the bottom leaves of your flowers if you don't like the "rustic" appearance of them lying around.

  1. Train your dog

Dogs can be trained to keep out of flowerbeds as they can be taught to sit or rollover. Once your dog understands that your flower beds are off-limits, it will take time and constant reinforcement. Still, you shouldn't experience any more issues.

  1. Sprinkle spices.

To keep dogs away from the flowerbeds, scatter red pepper flakes or mustard powder around them. While your plants' development won't be hampered by this, your pet's desire to dig up that area will be diminished.

  1. Spray Off Bad Smells

Spray plants with astringent apple bitter or white vinegar to deter dogs from eating your vegetable garden. Alternatively, you may use marigolds to screen your garden from dogs and other pests like aphids, squash bugs, and Mexican bean beetles.

  1. Create A Digging Area That Is Dog-Friendly

Dogs may sometimes dig out of boredom, but they may also search for pure love! They engage in it because they find it enjoyable. You may prevent your dog from destroying your flowers or garden by making a dog-friendly digging place, such as a sandbox.

It will be far more likely to stick if you take the time to instruct your pet to dig in its assigned area, and you might even enjoy it yourself!

  1. Don't Leave Them Unsupervised

For pups, in particular, this is true. Even mature pups! Naturally, our pets will get restless and curious if left to their own devices. It's precisely how they are!

When pups are left outdoors unattended, destructive behaviour is pretty prevalent. They see it as a fun opportunity to learn and explore, not as harmful behaviour. So it's a good idea to not give them a chance until you have the opportunity to instruct your pet not to take out your precious plants and drag them about the garden.

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