Highest-selling pet products

Highest-selling pet products

Pet items are in high demand, frequently reflecting broader societal trends. Our dogs are treated lavishly, often even more so than our children, with pricey meals, gadgets, treats, toys, and accessories. Can you really blame us? Pets provide so much in return. Their company gives their owners a sense of fulfilment and satisfaction that significantly enhances their mental health.

Giving Pooches the Feel-Good Factor

Making your pets feel loved has undeniably positive psychological effects. We are a country of animal lovers. Businesses use this by emphasizing in their marketing materials that dogs deserve the finest. Let's face it, they do!

After a hard day of going on walks and grooming their ears, dogs may now treat themselves to a doggie beer. If they don't get much exercise, they can utilize a doggie treadmill, which is part of the latest pet technology.

  1. Toys

Like us, dogs like playing games. Humans have engaged in canine interaction for more than 6,000 years.

Dogs can't watch YouTube videos or play board games as people can, so when they're bored, they often resort to more destructive behaviours like stealing food or ruining furniture. As a result, most pet owners will try to amuse their dogs with a toy.

The market for pet toys is valued at over £100 million. It consists of consumers who choose straightforward, affordable alternatives and those who like more complex, timely, or "trendy" toys that are a bit more expensive.

  1. Treats

Dog owners enjoy giving their pets treats, ranging from typical dog chews to beer or chocolate for dogs. Since most dogs would probably eat anything, dog owners must choose the correct treats.

Similar to the food industry, there are prominent names in the treats sector, but if you're looking for something a little more unique or imaginative, keep an eye out for the smaller independent firms.

  1. Doggy Travelling Accessories

Nowadays, most individuals have access to a car and travel occasionally. Therefore they frequently bring their dogs along with them! Pet travel is widespread throughout the summer travel season, during school breaks, and during the holiday season.

Whether to prevent them from running away or getting lost, the practicalities of travelling, general health and welfare, or insurance, dog owners always ask how to keep their dogs safe when they're travelling.

Although you might not be able to offer insurance, you can carry supplies that will make travelling with a dog simpler. You could sell GPS trackers, self-cooling rugs, folding pet dishes, and dog seat belts.

  1. Dog Food 

An obvious option, but frequently the best options are the most obvious. Every dog must eat consistently to survive. The distinction is that nowadays, dogs have specialized diets and a wide range of options, much like human diets (think keto, vegetarian, and vegan).

It's no secret that market dominance belongs to companies like Pedigree and Purina. However, many challenger brands and smaller, independent merchants have appeared in the last five to ten years, giving inquiring dog owners additional options.

To help owners choose the best dog food for their canine companion, consider stocking the following dog foods:

  • Dry food, or a dried biscuit baked at a high temperature, is a typical form of dog food. If you carry dog food, you most likely already have this in stock.
  • Another popular sort of dog food is called wet food. Because it hasn't been dried out, it still has some of the wetness, oils, and texture of real food. You most likely also have this kind of food on hand.
  • Homemade dog food is less popular since it requires gathering the same components as you would for a typical human meal and takes time to prepare. Even if there are canine-specific supplements, such as cod liver oil, it is challenging to stock and promote conventional 'human food' to canines as people can already buy it at their nearby store.
  • Another less frequent type of cuisine is raw, which is becoming increasingly popular. Dogs can quickly digest raw meat and bones because of their powerful stomach acids. Again, it might be challenging to stock and promote a diet specifically for dogs. However, if you have this stuff accessible, people will still buy it.
  • Dehydrated food resembles kibble but is dried rather than boiled, which is supposed to preserve more of the meal's nutritional value. Before serving, the meal has to be rehydrated with water.
  1. Eco-friendly dog waste bags

Environmentally-friendly doggy bags are the best dog products to sell in 2021.

The scenario that each dog owner dreads is removing dog waste! There are ways we could make picking up dog faeces easier on the environment. Still, there is nothing that will ever make it entertaining or enjoyable.

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